What Should you expect from a Coaching Program…and What NOT to Expect



A coach can help

Many people think that a coach or coaching program will be the solution to all their problems. Just sign up and let the other person tell you what to do. Well, that’s not the case. While every coaching program will be different depending on your field, there are some elements that should always be included. And, there are also some expectations that are fairly universal, no matter what the topic. Before you go into any coaching program and consider investing in your future you should think about different aspects of what you are getting. 

Here are some aspects that might help you make a more informative decisions.

1- Know What You’re signing up for

Before you sign up for any coaching program you should be told the specifics of what you will by receiving for your money. Expect to have the details explained up front on how much time is involved, how you will interact, what materials you get, etc. You should also know the particular areas of expertise that the coach can provide guidance on. You should interview them. Just like they should be interviewing you

However, you shouldn’t expect the coach to explain every detail. That’s because they can’t possibly foresee every question that people will have. You need to be sure to make a list of your own questions and get them answered. Don’t go in blind and find out later that something you needed was not included in the price. Its a long term process.

2- Have a Clear Plan of Action

No matter what you are getting coached on, you should expect to create a clear plan of action for how you will move ahead and make progress. Some programs will work with you one-on-one to create a very individualized plan. Others might just give you a template for you to fill out yourself.

Even with a very individualized program, you should not expect the coach to be a mind reader. No one knows your business or your personal needs as well as you do, so you will need to provide these details as accurately as possible. The action plan you create with your coach is only as good as the information you provide. Be honest and sincere. You are investing in Coaching and mentoring of someone outside your organization. You should not be coy or try to hide anything. After all how are they going to help you if you are not going to be honest with them.

3- Don’t Be Left Hanging have a different reporting structure

You should expect to get support along the way for any questions that come up as you implement your plan. If a coach is not available to give you support, you could end up being left hanging and unable to move forward. Even if it’s not your personal coach, there should always be someone available to contact.

On the other hand, don’t expect your coach to always come to you to check in. Usually you are not their only client and their time is split among many other responsibilities. While some programs will include a regular question and answer session, the coach still can’t know what problems you’ll need help with in between. Have a reporting structure and a check in structure where you are giving and getting regular updates.

4- Getting the Feedback You Need on a regular basis

In order to truly benefit from your coaching, you should expect to get feedback on your performance. The coach should be looking at your behaviour, actions and results. You should then get advice on what to do differently to improve your performance, as well as what to keep on doing.

While it’s nice to get everything right the first time, it’s highly unrealistic. Don’t expect to do everything perfectly and don’t expect all your feedback to be praise. If a coach doesn’t tell you things to change, then you aren’t benefiting from the program as much as you should.

Every coaching program should result in your own improvement, whether it has to do with your life or your business. However, even with the best coaching program, you can’t expect miracles to happen. A lot depends on you.

All in all Coaching is an investment. It is not an expense. and your return on investment is entirely up to you and how much time and effort you put into this investment. I can advise and suggest performance improvements to my clients BUT I can not force them to change.

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