It’s all very well us calling our Business Coaches “Outstanding”, what is more important is what people have said about their experiences with our Coaches.


” Jay Georgi has been my business coach since I started my business plan for Mighty Mind, which provides personal coaching services. Jay helped me to better understand the marketplace, hence to develop efficacious strategies to address my target market’s needs. He also shared with me useful insight and experience about marketing planning, specially social media tactics and the way to effectively connect with the audience through it. He is resourceful and he can present a variety of alternatives to fulfill the business’s necessities. In my experience, Jay is always willing to walk the extra mile to help, and that is a very valuable asset in his service. “

—    Mariel Aranda , Canada

“ It is wonderful getting to know you, as my teacher in class, you changed my way of thinking about my business, you made me to see reality in life and how to go about doing things. The passion and the love you have to help new entrepreneurs grow in their business, is awesome. I count myself lucky to have you as my mentor, you are the best, good at what you do, and you know how to get it done. I stand with my shoulders tall knowing you a there.  Thank you. ”

—    Mary , Canada



Some Pictures from the Ceremony @ Microskills Entrepreneur tool Kit Awards