Business Growth Planning & Coaching

We will teach you how to work “above the business” and bring new life into the future of your business!

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What We Do

We help business owners & entrepreneurs develop an action-oriented mindset and learn better decision-making skills so they can strategically grow their business. As part of our process, Nadvia Diversified Investment will analyze the business – its operations, systems and product lines to identify opportunities  in order to set growth expansion goals. 

No matter which industry you are in, our analytical and systematic approach to business growth make a difference to your bottom line.


Our Approach

 We believe in the evolution of business that comes from making decisions and taking actions, and often it is not easy to see the underlying issues that are holding the business back. We work with you to make this process easier and develop a plan that will achieve your goals and re-ignite how you do business to enable business growth.

We offer a no-nonsense style of coaching. We know it is not for everyone and we do not just accept a client for the sake of accepting clients. 


Our Clients

We are dedicated, result driven and passionate about driving growth.  We work directly with business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready to improve their business through changing the way they approach the business and start to make decisions that can actually make more money.

Our clients need to be ready to hear the truth and do what is required to make their business grow. We have taken businesses from one month away from bankruptcy to multi-million dollar businesses. If you trust the process you too can reach your monetary and personal goals.


Our Process

Our process is simple. We meet – in person or over a video call. We discuss the pain point, we address the results desired, and then we all go to work. It’s that simple.


Why Work With Us

Meet Jay Georgi, the principal of Nadvia Diversified Investments. With over 25 years of experience, he sees opportunity where others do not. His experience and passion drives his ability to identify the strength of each business and visualize its growth potential.

His analytic thinking and confidential advice help business owners to execute necessary actions to enable growth. From pivoting business operations to re-organizing business culture, his goal is to reinvent the business as needed to allow it to grow exponentially.


Business Stagnation

This often happens to businesses. You get so busy they not on top of current trends and are not actively seeking ways to reinvent themselves in the current marketplace. 

Other issues we have seen include growing too quickly, not having a strategic growth plan and not hiring the right people at the right time. 



Review, Plan & Apply

We deep dive into the business and research the operations and structure, products/services sold and seek to find new and innovative opportunities to grow the business.

We review your business activities, set goals and create a plan to achieve those goals and develop an action plan to apply and implement.


Areas of Focus

We help business owners develop an effective mindset and embrace the freedom of making decisions without overthinking and stressing, allowing them to hire the right people and build a supportive team as part of a strategic growth plan.

Goal Setting

We assess the business viability and help you choose the right business goals, so we can create a business growth strategy that makes sense for your business and personal desires.

Decision Making

We will help you through the decision-making process and teach you how to get better results for your business (IQ Versus EQ).

Business Process

We will research and address any identified problems to enable you to hire the right people and build a supportive team around you to develop a innovative and harmonious business culture.

The Nadvia Advantage

What we offer is a passion for getting results developed over 25 years of business experience. Our philosophy is to read, learn, study and apply and staying on top of trends in business so we can see opportunities and predict the results of growth strategies.

What you will receive

Establish and implement success goals

Learn play to your strengths

Increase profitability

Develop a greater sense of control

Become a more effective communicator

Accelerate performance and productivity

Learn how to Select and retain employees more efficiently

Develop leadership skills

Learn to manage time more efficiently

Learn how to delegate more confidently

Live life more purposefully


“Jay Georgi has been my business coach since I started my business plan for Mighty Mind, which provides personal coaching services. Jay helped me to better understand the marketplace, hence to develop efficacious strategies to address my target market’s needs. He also shared with me useful insight and experience about marketing planning, specially social media tactics and the way to effectively connect with the audience through it. He is resourceful and he can present a variety of alternatives to fulfill the business’s necessities. In my experience, Jay is always willing to walk the extra mile to help, and that is a very valuable asset in his service”.

Mariel Aranda